>>10 things you didn’t know about me♡

∇ heyyyy y’all! i want to apologize, i know i have not done a blog post in like 5 evaaa. (made up 5eva, because its longer then 4eva..) i have just been so busy with school starting back and all of the things going on. i am hoping it is calming down though and i will finally be able to blog more… so, anyway, HERE IT IS. 🙂

            •number unerooo- I am a super, super, super picky eater, like omgosh. I don’t like pizza, ketchup, salsa, any cheese that ain’t shredded, rice, mac & cheese, wings, hot dogs… yes, those are things I DON’T like!!!!! wondering what I do like? umm chicken, fries.. and a lot of junk food LOL.

            •number 2- okayy well most people know this, I am.. well I’m almost blind. legit. well, when I was picking out glasses I wanted to get something different and unique… you better believe I found some that were! but the main reason i even wanted them is I’m a HP maniac and they look EXACTLY like his!! to a T. (..if only I had a scar on my head.) 


number 3!!- I overthink everythinggggggg, EVERYTHING. and like i completely stress myself out by overthinking.. butttt i totally can not help it, thats just how i am, ya know.. (↓this, is a picture of me, stressing..(in spanish hehe))



number fiveeeeeee- I also love the dukes of hazard. I’ve watched it since I was a little girl and I’ve always been in love with Bo and Luke. I also always wanted their car. ( which takes me to my next one)


number 6- I absolutely, absolutely love love love old cars. LOVE them. I wanted to get an old car to drive all the time but my dad told me no because he didn’t want one breaking down on me all the time. whatever dad, so not cool. (i’m talking my pa into getting me one.. hehe)


number sevaaann- okay, y’all this one is funny.. I can not wink without opening my mouth. It is just the goofiest thing ever.. Everyone makes fun of me, but I really can’t help it. 

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset


number 8- I have to have a cover on when I’m sleeping or I think somethings gonna get me. I know.. Harli you crazyyy.. maybe just a little but hey, them monsters get ya when you ain’t covered up!!


                  •number 9-  I jump at EVERYTHING . I ain’t a scaredy cat or anything.. Ill do anything you dare me to do. I just get spooked easily, I guess its just where I don’t see it coming?!


             •number 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- I do not like tea. yes.. i know. “HARLI YOU LIVE IN THE SOUTH AND YOU DONT LIKE TEA??????!!” yes.. yes I do. I’m ashamed of it too, I wish  I did like it. But I just don’t. 


andddddd, that is 10 facts that you may or may not have known about ole harloo. hope you enjoyed 🙂


..with love, harli♥



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  1. You don’t like queso, either?! 😂 I thought I was the ONLY person that will not eat runny cheese!! I kinda believe people when they say it’s good, but….no. 👍 On #6!!! 💜


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